Commercial Cleaning Services Offered by JGE

With over a decade of commercial cleaning and janitorial service experience, J Guthrie Enterprises will get your company back to a clean you may not have ever experienced before. Our commitment to quality service will shine after we clean your commercial facility. We offer our Broken Arrow and Tulsa clients customized services to fit their needs. JGE has the cleaning expertise you will want to work behind the scenes of your company to give you that extra edge over your competition. We make it our goal to go above the call of duty when cleaning your company.
Right Tools for the Best Clean

J Guthrie Enterprises makes it a priority to offer the best clean in the most efficient manner. We use the right tools for the specific cleaning job you want so you never have to worry about your facility being clean. If you want your company to be cleaned the right way, you need to contact JGE to clean it!
Specific Cleaning and Janitorial Services Offered

Floor Cleaning – utilizing the proper cleaning solution and concentration is imperative to a clean, residue-free floor. JGE will ensure your floor glistens. We understand the proper way to clean any hard surface, including:

  • Marble
  • Linoleum
  • Concrete
  • Granite
  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Vinyl

Our floor cleaning routine includes sweeping and mopping. If your floor requires refinishing due to wear-and-tear, JGE will complete the job to restore your floors in an exemplary manner.

Vacuuming – J Guthrie Enterprises will vacuum all carpeted areas, including areas under desks, tables and trash cans. A thorough vacuuming of your carpets prevents dirt from grinding in to the carpets and helps maintain a clean feel for longer.

Carpet cleaning – when heavy traffic areas begin to look worn and dirty, we will clean the carpets. The proper pH balance in the cleaning chemicals will prevent residue from being left behind that can create dirtier areas faster after the carpet cleaning.

Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing – clean restrooms are imperative to your employers and customers; not only do clean bathrooms reflect that you care about your business, but they also prevent germs from spreading. JGE takes great pride in offering the best bathroom cleaning regimen for our clients. No detail will be missed, including:

  • Toilets and urinal sanitizing
  • Countertop sanitizing
  • Mirror polishing
  • Floor sanitizing
  • Sink and fixture sanitizing and polishing
  • Partition cleaning and sanitizing
  • Trash removal and cleaning of trash cans
  • Shower sanitizing if applicable

No surface will go untouched in the bathroom areas to offer you the assurance your bathrooms are spotless.

Lunchroom and Break-room cleaning – companies want to offer a clean and enjoyable place for employees to eat and rest in while regrouping for the remainder of the work day. Professional cleaning can ensure your employees feel important.

Dusting – one important step to reduce germs and allergens includes dusting or damp wiping of hard surfaces. All desks, credenzas, window sills and other surfaces will be wiped to prevent buildup of dust, crumbs, fingerprints and even cobwebs.

J. Guthrie Enterprises will meet with you to determine the full realm of services that you need to provide the enjoyable and healthy atmosphere you need for your successful business. Contact Jess Guthrie today to get your company back to clean.